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Copyright Information

All images used on the internet, (including your own personal website, Facebook and other networking sites) must be credited or tagged

"Gary Bailey"

The copyright of the images remains the property of Gary Bailey. All rights are reserved for all of the images taken by Gary Bailey and / or the Event Images Ltd staff.

The copyright conditions for the end user vary depending upon whether they have bought prints or CDs.


At the end of the day we are sensible about the use of the images, and understand that the Internet, and people's front rooms, are a very difficult places to police.

If you have bought a home use CD and would like to use the images, Facebook, please simply tag us and credit us. If you want to use the pictures on a personal website, simply email us to let us know how they are going to be used and where they are going to be, we will almost always give permission. All images used on the internet, MUST be credited -

"Gary Bailey"

On the other hand for example, if you buy a print and we find that you have passed it to a sponsor as a thank you present, who then copies it for the front cover of their new brochure, we will seek to be reimbursed for the use. We think that's fair.

The staff behind Picman have worked hard since 1995 to develop the innovative digital service that has provided you with these pictures. We were amongst the first in Europe to bring digital photography to the event market. Our pricing is very competitive for the quality of images that you receive; just try asking your local studio photographer to hand over the negatives of portrait shoot, so that you can go and have them printed as many times as you like, for as little as £3 each!!

We can only provide the service with the sale of the images.

Please respect our copyright and our livelihood.


When buying a print, you are buying a single copy of that image for personal, not for profit, use for display in a home environment. You are welcome to buy the pictures for yourself, friends, sponsors etc, but copying or reproducing, whole, or part of the image, in any form, is contravening the copyright agreement. If you want further copies, or the image in a digital format, please get in touch and order them rather than leaving yourself open to copyright theft… is much cheaper!


When purchasing a CD, you have a lot more freedom. When you take delivery of the disc, you are licensed to use the copyright of the image / images, for personal, not for profit or reward, use. This entitles you to print the images at home or use a high street printer (e.g. Tesco, Asda, etc), copy the images onto your computer, use as wallpaper / screensavers, use on personal or club web sites, email to friends or family to show them what you've been up to. No recipients of data produced by Picman / Event Images Ltd / Gary Bailey, have the right to publish or profit from the data, or use the data for commercial use, advertising or similar applications. A credit and / or link to our website, is a condition of publication in any form including club websites, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. The images are not to be used for financial gain, or reward, by any recipient, in any form.

The images can be cropped around the perimeter slightly to enhance the composition, but cannot be cropped in a manner that alters the meaning and message of the original image. The images cannot be used in any way that is defamatory or libelous to a third party that will reflect negatively on Picman / Event Images Ltd / Gary Bailey, or risk any type of legal action. The purchaser will be accountable for any liabilities.

Commercial Use and Publication

The commercial use of images on company websites, or publication in newspapers / magazines etc, will incur an additional fee for copyright use and administration. We request that you contact us for a quote first, rather than waiting for an invoice to appear in the post unexpectedly.