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SMPro Wheels

Access All Areas

Your day trackside will include access into areas that members of the public aren't normally allowed. We have been granted unique special permission by the event organisers, the insurers and the venues, so that we can take you into the prohibited areas where you are able to practice the techniques properly and get the best shots.

It is important to emphasise that the events that you will be practising your skills are NOT major rounds of national or international motorsports events such as Grand Prix, Moto GP, or B.S.B., and there a number of perfectly good reasons for this.

1. You are looking to improve your tracking and panning skills. Throwing you in at the deep end with 200+mph machinery isn't going to improve your photographic ability, especially if you aren't getting consistent results at the moment. A full race scenario would bring short intense bursts of activity, followed by long periods of nothingness as the next races are readied. This is not the ideal situation to train photographers. Frustration will set in, and you are less likely to improve.

2. Access to major events is strictly limited to working professionals.


Our training is based around "track day" type events and club level racing. This helps in a number of ways.

A. The riders and drivers are split into different groups according to their different speeds. This allows you to practice your newly learned skills at a regular and sensible pace. As the riders and drivers get quicker throughout the day, your confidence and ability will grow with them, allowing you to match their speed and get consistent results. This is proven to be much better learning environment than throwing you in at the deep end with the world's elite riders and drivers.

B. The vehicles are spread around the full length of the track. This allows an unhurried and constant flow of vehicles to target.

Club level racing events can be a suitable setting for the intermediate or advanced photographer to fine tune their skills.