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SMPro Wheels

Equipment Information

We run Nikon pro bodies and lenses and you will have the opportunity to use of the kit for the duration of your training. All of the kit will be available at events in the UK, but European flight restrictions may limit the number of lenses taken to some venues. If there is a particular piece of kit you want to play with, please let us know at the time of booking, we should be able to accommodate you.

The format of the day also has a slight effect on whether you get exclusive use of all the equipment, or share the equipment with the pro or another student. Whatever the situation, you will always have the opportunity to have top of the range pro equipment in your hands for the shooting experience.

You are welcome to bring your own equipment and practice with that if you wish.

The price of the tuition includes the use of the kit, but not any damage or loss.



Pro Nikon gear is robust, hardwearing, and to date, has never let us down during a training day. However, equipment failure is not something we have control over. In the unlikely event of a piece of equipment failing you will have a couple of options. If the failure occurs prior to your booking and we cannot get it repaired or replaced in time, you will be notified and given the opportunity to amend your booking. If the failure occurs during your day, a different spec body or shorter focal length lens may be substituted so that you can continue with the training. Refunds are not applicable for equipment failure. The price of the tuition includes the use of the kit, but not any damage or loss.


Damage and Theft

If you want to use the equipment without supervision, we will need 2 forms of photo ID, 2 forms of proof of address, and either a refundable deposit or credit card swipe. Any small cosmetic will be charged at 5 per mark on the lens / camera body, any major damage or optical damage will be charged at the cost of repair at Nikon. Natural "breakdown" will not be charged. Lost or theft of the equipment whilst it is in your possession will be your liability for the full replacement value. If you have your own camera insurance, you are likely to be able to add "rental equipment" to your policy for the day, for your own piece of mind if you wish.