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Meet The Tutor

Gary Bailey is an award winning photographer who has been shooting motorsport for over 17 years.

He was amongst the first photographers in Europe to take digital on board in 1995/1996 with the help of the Princes Trust. He has been successfully selling pictures to tens of thousands of customers across Europe. He is regularly commissioned by UK and European motorcycle magazines, and his work has been published in

  • Nikon Pro (Nikon's own magazine showcasing the quality of pictures that can be taken with Nikon equipment)
  • Performance Bike
  • Ride
  • Bike
  • Fast Bike
  • Super Bike
  • Motorcycle Racer
  • MCN
  • Daily Telegraph
  • Daily Star
  • The Sun
  • Land Rover Enthusiast
  • Land Rover Owner
  • Land Rover Monthly
  • Evo
  • Fast Car
  • Top Gear
  • MC Folket (Sweden)
  • Motocykl (Poland)
  • Moto (Spain)
  • Motor On (Turkey)
  • As well as having images broadcast on the BBC and Channel 5

His pictures appear on the homepage of Rockingham Motor Speedway website and are used to advertise their track days in numerous places, as well as on various pages of the Silverstone website advertising motorcycle events at the venue.

He was the 2012 official photographer at corporate track events run by

  • Yamaha UK
  • Ducati UK
  • California Superbike School (1999 to present)
  • Eurotrax (1998 to present)
  • Land Rover Owner Shows (1997 to present)
  • As well as numerous other track, club and corporate events

In the 17 years that he has been working track-side; his official photographer duties have included events run by

  • Rockingham Motor Speedway
  • Donington Park
  • BMW
  • Dunlop
  • R&G Racing
  • Countless track day organisers, club and corporate events

His knowledge and experience of shooting motorsport is extensive and includes national & international events in the following genres

  • Road, Race, Rally & Sports Cars
  • Classic Cars
  • F1
  • Drifting
  • Off Road Vehicles
  • Auto Grass
  • Road & Race Motorbikes
  • Sidecars
  • Motocross
  • Freestyle Motocross
  • Beach Racing
  • Quad Bikes
  • Stunt Shows

A collaboration with the Norwegian Journalist, Claus Diseth, won the prestigious "Motorcycle Magazine Article of the Year" award in Norway.

He was "taught to teach" by the Army in Mersyside, and his training methods are informative, effective and most important - enjoyable.