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SMPro Wheels

Terms & Conditions


Each course will be confirmed by email. When booking your day, a 25% deposit is required to secure the course. The balance is payable no later than the morning of the course, and before tuition commences. The deposit is transferable under certain circumstances, but is non refundable. Upon paying the deposit, the student enters into a legally binding contract.

Picture use & copyright information

The opportunity to take pictures from these areas is unique. At some events there will be working professionals that have agreed to allow you to train alongside them, and it is unethical to break their trust by competing against them.

The pictures you will take are for training purposes only and are NOT to be published, sold, offered for sale, or made available for download, in any form of media transmission.

By attending the course, you are agreeing that the images taken at the venue are for your own training use. If any trainee offers for sale on the day, or after the event, any of the pictures taken at the event, they will leave themselves open to legal action from the venue, the event organiser, the photographer that has bought the rights to the event. Please respect the people that have allowed this training to take place.





Admission is subject to the condition that all persons having any connection with the promotion and / or organisation and / conduct of the event or training, including but not limited to, the tutor, owners of land, drivers, riders, owners of vehicles, officers, or any other persons attending events with the venue's permission, are absolved from liability in the respect of personal injury (fatal or otherwise) or damage to property, of whatsoever nature and however caused, whether by reasons of negligence or otherwise. For your own safety please keep yourself, behind the barriers.


If you canít attend the date, please notify us with at least 48 hours prior notice, and as long as there arenít any travel costs to recoup, the deposit can be transferred to another day within 6 months of the original date. If a date isnít taken within the 6 month period, the deposit is forfeited. Cancellation within 48 hrs will forfeit the deposit. The student is responsible for any pre booked travel expenses, the deposit will be taken towards them and any remaining balance is payable within 7 days of the cancellation.

If the tutor is unavoidably unable to give tuition, alternative dates will be offered. If the event is cancelled, alternative dates will be offered. If the event starts and is subsequently cancelled during our attendance, an alternative date will be offered if this occurs prior to 1pm, if the event is cancelled after 1pm, a discount of up to 60% will be offered on a new booking where the training can continue. If the equipment fails, depending upon which piece is affected, and to what extent, the tuition can continue and a discount of up to 10% offered. If the failure prohibits the continuation of the tuition, an alternative date will be offered, the tutor will not be responsible for any costs resulting in transferring dates. If there is a cancelation or equipment failure that occurs within 2 hours of the end of the event, the training will be deemed as complete, and the remaining time will be spent critiquing the pictures earlier in the session.