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As the Motor sport and show season slows down later in the year, our system moves to the Scholastic and Santa's Grotto markets.

We first started with the digital scholastic service in 1995 for a large public school that needed digital images of every single pupil for it's database. The images where downloaded, cropped in multiple sizes, and the files named with the unique pupil ID and name. On the second day of the new term, their database was complete. The digital images on the database are now put to a variety of uses including helping to improve security when the pupils are on a trip, supplementing school publications, awards, ID cards, etc. The provision of the images to the school is a free service that is offered when we provide the "traditional" school photography.

The "traditional" is in inverted commas for a good reason - the way we offer the pictures is a refreshing change from the method that is usually used.

No longer do you have to put up with "you must have this pack" or "we only take one picture, it's not our fault your child blinked" We have identified a number of short comings with the "traditional" method, addressed them, and then put together a completely new way of offering it to the parents.