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SMPro Wheels

Motor Sport , Equestrian, Functions & Shows

Although the subject in front of the camera varies, the format by which we cover this area of the market is predominantly the same. The service is based around a number of vehicles that have been specially built or modified to suit our specific needs. The vehicles house a number of Dye Sublimation digital printers, CD burners, and a specially built solid state computer that has been specifically designed to handle large numbers of high-resolution files, quickly and efficiently. At our largest event of the year we take over 20,000 pictures in a single weekend, but we are just as happy to arrange coverage for events with only few guests.

The variety and standard of the pictures, play a key factor in the service. Over 15 years experience in event photography, combined with a wealth of feedback from the unique customer contact that we have at the point of sale, have enabled our photographers to understand the pictures that customers love, and bring out the best pictures from every location. The method by which they are displayed is relaxed, fun and an asset to any event.
When the event is over, your guests will be able to access our online archives to show the world what they have been up to. Media and press can also use the online archives, to view and order, images to publicise your events.

The huge choice and method by which we offer the pictures, sets us apart from other photographers.