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Case Scenarios

Our services are based around providing onsite, real time, photographic coverage. The service is tried and tested to the extreme. We have been chosen to cover some of the largest and most prestigious events in the country. It is focused, and we know exactly which direction we are heading, but you, the customer, take us down many different paths. The list of applications and possibilities is endless. This area features a few case scenarios to demonstrate the flexibility and versatility of our services, and our ability to adapt our service to meet your exact requirements.




When we were approached by a company wanting to develop the website for the "UK's first dedicated online supplier of first aid equipment and kits" the brief was clear and simple.

To supply in digital format, images of the products. The images needed to clearly show the product, or use of the product. The images were to be processed, cropped and supplied to the website developer to fit straight into a predetermined format, with a fast turnaround.

Because of the huge product range, it was far more practical to have us onsite than to transport the hundreds of individual items to a studio. We worked closely with the project management team and the external web developer to achieve the exact results required. This close working relationship worked through a number of ideas to come up with different ways of portraying the items. Each item was individually photographed, assessed, processed and saved to file. The majority of the images were ready prior to leaving site; images containing multiple products were taken away for further work. We spent two days onsite, and a further two days finalizing the images ready for instant upload onto the website with exactly the right file names and at the exact dimensions, to fit correctly into the web pages.

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After senior executives at Yamaha saw our services at The California Superbike School, we were asked to provide a similar service at a series of dealer corporate days across the UK.

The brief was to provide each guest with a print of their experience of the brand new bike that they were riding on track.

A number of pictures were taken of every rider, from a variety of points around the track. The images were downloaded instantly and displayed for the guests to make their choice as soon as they came off the track. Many of the guests placed orders over and above their complimentary souvenir, which enabled us to offset some of the cost to the client.

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Holland Brothers

Although this scenario isn't real time, it shows the flexibility of our services and our commitment to fulfill client's needs. When planning a full refit for their Boston showroom, it became apparent that there was going to be a large bare area, in a curved part of the roof space. What made the space more obvious, was the fact that it was directly facing the balcony that looked out onto the showroom floor.

We were asked to design and fit, an image that reflected aspects of the local area, incorporating the showroom, and the Jaguar marque. As the image was to be in position for many years, all details that could "date" the image were to be avoided.

After speaking with both the staff and customers, a number of local landmarks were selected, and a series of proofs produced. The design was selected and the production began. It was no small task - the area that needed covering was approximately 6ft high and 28ft long. (2m x 8.5m) The contractors completed work on the showroom at 7pm the night before the grand re-launch, and the image couldn't be fitted prior to their completion. Picture Management staff worked right through the night to mount the two specially printed panels into the curved space. The finished effect is a major feature of the showroom.

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Land Rover Enthusiast Magazine at the A.R.C. Nationals

Dave Barker, The assistant editor of the magazine, knew that he was going to be busy on the magazine's trade stand over the weekend of the Association Of Rover Clubs Nationals (the annual, national, inter-club competition), and wouldn't be able to fully cover the event.

The brief was simply to supply a variety of images to illustrate a magazine article on the competition.

Picture Management photographed every single competitor on the RTV (Road Taxed Vehicle), CCV (Cross Country Vehicle) and Comp. (Competitive Safari) We just selected images of each of the class winners, together with 150 or so of the best images from the event and supplied the original images on CD for the magazine to pick out the one that they felt best suited their article. The experience of the photographer, coupled together with the sheer volume of images, vastly increased the chances of catching those really special action moments.

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Lincolnshire Young Farmers Association

Many photographers can photograph guests at social events, but when the Lincolnshire Young Farmers Association planned a ball with over 1400 guests, Picture Management were their first port of call.

"Photograph each of the guests, couples, groups, as they arrived, and have the pictures available to purchase though out the night" was the request.

Simple enough task for 100 or so guests, but for 1400+ eager guests entering the venue from a single foyer, careful planning and the safety of the guests were paramount. Two ushers worked along side two trained photographers who had their lighting equipment suspended from the ceiling, to quickly and efficiently photograph the guests. Sufficient computer equipment was brought on site, and manned by suitably trained staff, in order to supply the demand for the prints. The success of the operation was largely down to our experience in the digital event market since 1995.

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