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  • Can I order on-line after the event?

    Yes, have a look at the "GALLERIES" on the site to find the event that you attended. Click through any group folders to find your folder. Order you disc buy hitting the "ADD" button next to the "CD all your images" and that folder will be added to your disc. If there is a "PADDOCK" folder, all of those pictures will be added free of charge to any "CD all" If there is an "UNSORTED" folder, please make sure that you have a look to see if we have missed any pictures of you. If there is, click "ADD", and we will add it to your disc if it is a picture of you. If you see yourself in someone else's folder, hit the "ADD" button and we will check it for you. You can order prints at any point by getting to the preview page and hitting "ADD" next to the size you want. Information on the product range can be found here.

  • Do you take credit / debit cards at the event?

    At the event we can take cash or card payments through a Streamline mobile terminal. Online payments are processed securely through RBS WorldPay.

  • Can I pay over the phone?

    Yes, give us a call on 01522 546394 and we'll sort you out.

  • Can I get an instant download of the high resolution file?

    Sorry, no. A typical event generates about 25Gb of pictures each day, with our largest events generating about 200Gb over the weekend. The time needed to upload that amount of data each day, coupled with the bandwidth and storage space needed to host that volume of data, simply makes it uneconomical. There isn't an easy / cost effective way of hosting or supporting the 8TB of data needed to make that service viable online.

    We upload cropped and compressed samples for you to view; we will burn a disc with your original images and post it out to you. We have found that CDs are a much more efficient method of transporting large amounts of data, added to the fact that you have an external hard copy should anything happen to your computer.

    Unlike a software download (where a company would upload one file for tens of thousands of customers to download) each of our customer's folders would be unique to them, and has to be processed and uploaded individually. We would be working in exactly the opposite direction, whereby we would be uploading tens of thousands of folders, in return for a very small percentage of downloads. It just doesn't work.

  • Why can't you email them to me?

    We have tried it in the past, but our cameras have 24 million pixel sensors that produce a 70mb file for each picture, and even when we compress the pictures down is size, we still have lots of customer's email boxes rejecting the files because of the size. It causes us (and the customers) a lot of hassle. If we zip them together, they are too big for most servers to accept, if we fire images over individually, spam filters think they are being bombarded with spam and reject them. Over the last 17 years we have being shooting with digital cameras, we have found email to be an unreliable method of transferring images, and that CD's DVD's are much more effective.

    We do not offer emailing as part of our regular service due to the massive differences in customer's email accounts that we have no control over. Don't get us wrong, we don't get failed deliveries all of the time, but we aren't in a position to attempt it 7 times before finding out.

    We realise that there are ways of FTP'ing the pictures using site such as Dropbox, but the time needed to upload the files to their server is infinitely longer than the time needed to burn a disc.

    Unlike a software download (where a company would upload one file for tens of thousands of customers to download) each of our customer's ZIP folders is unique to them, and has to be processed and uploaded individually. We have found that the market isn't prepared to pay a higher price for a download than to have a disc delivered.

  • How long do you keep the images for?

    We don't guarantee to keep the images at all, but we do back up the pictures to DVD and to a mirrored external hard drive to allow the provision of reprints and late orders.

    However hard drives do fail, and DVDs randomly fail to read. If you want your pictures, please place your order sooner rather than later, to reduce the risk that we might not be able to provide them.

    If you place an order for images offered for sale on the website, and we subsequently find that the data is corrupt, you will be refunded the value of any images that we are unable to provide. Sorry, we know it is not ideal, but we take as many precautions as possible, and we are sure that you know just how temperamental computers can be.

    Please note that data loss is an extremely rare occurrence, we have only had 3 hard drive failures in 15 yrs, 2 of them where recoverable and out of an estimated 4 million pictures we have only lost the pictures from about 5 events, and it was over a year after the events, when all the customers orders had been satisfied.

  • I have looked in the Galleries, but I can't see my event, where is it?

    The website had a revamp in early 2010 and the old archive of pictures was removed to make way for the new site. If the event was before Jan 2010 and you want to order, please email us and we will process and upload it for you. This may take a while to search the archives, but we will do our best to help. If the event was in the last couple of days, we are probably processing the pictures right now, and will get them up for viewing as soon as we can. Sometime there might be a short delay if we are covering multiple events in succession before returning to the office.

  • Can I still order from events before 2010?

    Probably. We need the date, event organiser, venue, bike number / surname (if you came to see us and set up your folder) description of the guest / vehicle as well as any other information that will help us find your pictures. Please email all the details and we will process the event and upload it for you

  • What print sizes can I order?

    We can print the pictures to almost any size you want, we have fitted a 7m x 2m print on a curved wall before, but we are just as happy to provide you with a 6 inch x 4 inch print.
    Our standard sizes are:

    Mounted Prints

    • 6x4 inch (15x10 cm)
    • 7x5 inch (18x13 cm)
    • 8x6 inch (20x15 cm)
    • 10x8 inch (25x20 cm)

    Poster Prints

    • 18x12 inch (45x30 cm)
    • 24x16 inch (61x41 cm)
    • 30x20 inch (76x51 cm)
    • 45x30 inch (114x76 cm)
    • 60x30 inch (152x76 cm)

    Stretched Canvases

    • 18x12 inch (45x30 cm)
    • 18x12 inch (45x30 cm)
    • 24x16 inch (60x40 cm)
    • 30x20 inch (76x51 cm)
    • 40x20 inch (101x51 cm)

  • Can I add pictures from all the events I attended this year to one CD?

    Sorry, no. Each event generates its own costs that need to be covered by the sale of discs from that event.

  • My friends were at the same event, can you add their pictures to my CD?

    Sorry no. Each job is planned and priced according to the number of guest / participants, and the projected sales that will be generated. We have the overheads such as the ever increasing travel costs, staff, trade stand, insurance, etc, etc to attend each event. Halving the amount of images sold by giving pictures away will render the service uneconomical and jeopardise the attendance at future events.

  • Do I own the copyright of an image when I buy a print or CD?

    No, the copyright of the image remains the property of Gary Bailey; please see copyright for full information. In short, you are paying for the retrieval of the images out of the archives, the production of the disc, and when you take receipt of the disc, you have a licence to use the images at home.

  • I tried to add some pictures to my CD but the website warned me that I might not get them - what's all that about?

    OK, let's make this clear for you so that you aren't disappointed.

    When you order a disc, you are paying for us to get the pictures out of the archives, produce the disc, check it and ship it out to you. For most events we will get the chance to put the majority of the pictures into folders for you, but there is often a miscellaneous folder that contains the pictures that we can't easily identify. If you see yourself in the "UNSORTED" folder, or in another rider's folder, you can request that we fetch it for you and add it to your disc. We charge for that, and the website will automatically total the order for you. However, you can only have pictures of you or your vehicle, and neither ourselves, nor the website, know whether the pictures are of you until we have retrieved the pictures for you, at the time of preparing the disc. If you deliberately tell the website that someone else's folder is yours and you try to add your friends' pictures to your disc, the time spent sorting your order will be charged, but the pictures won't be added to the disc, as per our terms and conditions. There are several warnings before the payment page of the website, so please make sure that you are requesting the correct pictures and not trying to sneak a few cheeky ones of your mates!

    We realise that mistakes happen, it is sometimes difficult to identify riders with similar bikes and leathers, and provisions will be made in those circumstances, but if you ride a blue Yamaha, and you request your friends' red Ducati, and Yellow Triumph, we reserve the right to charge you for 3 riders, or send the disc with just one set of pictures. We don't want to upset anyone, so please order within our criteria. Thank you.

  • Why aren't all of the products available at all of the events?

    Sometimes the event organiser will request a specific service, and we are booked to provide exactly what they request. Other times, the resources needed to lay on different aspects of the service will render the service uneconomical for that amount of guests in that part of the world, so the service is adjusted to make sure that we can attend.

  • Why is the pricing slightly different at some of the events?

    Sometimes the event organiser subsidises the products for you, sometime we are charged to trade at the events, and both of these might have an effect on the cost of the products. It could also be that we have to cover the additional costs of working outside the UK, for example flights, accommodation and currency conversion. We always show you the pictures and explain the pricing prior to taking your order, and we are confident that you will see the quality and variety of pictures as value for money.

  • Why do you put the price up after 7 days?

    We don't! The price comes down for the event, and stays like that for a week, before returning to the regular price. Please take advantage of this pricing while you can!

  • The pictures are taken with a digital camera, but what are they printed on?

    When we changed from a process called Thermo Autochrome, where we were the biggest single user of their paper in the country. We now use Dye Sublimation on site at events; each 10x8 print takes about 40 seconds to produce.

    Images printed after the event are sent to a professional digital mini-lab where they are printed as true photographs or on a professional wide format printer.

    It is important to note that all our prints are individually checked, assessed, enhanced and then sent to print. It is vital to point out that ours is not an automated internet process, the printing of every image is controlled by the photographer.

  • What camera equipment do you use?

    For those who are interested in photography, we are currently using Nikon D3x series cameras with a selection of pro Lenses. The lenses that get the most use are the Nikon 500 f4 VR, the 200mm f2 VR, and the 14-24mm f2.8. More information about the equipment can be found here.