Mounted Print 10x8 inch (25x20 cm)

Delivered in a board backed envelope, your prints are mounted in a freestanding brown or black, slip in folder or strut mount. The type, style and colour of the mount will be dependent upon current stock levels.

Each image is individually assessed by the photographer. The 10x8 image will be cropped slightly due to the difference in ratios between the camera and the printer, and If necessary, the levels adjusted to bring out the best from the shot before being sent to a professional lab for printing.

Order within 7 days of upload (whilst the pictures are still “live” on our computer) and we can offer you our 10x8 mounted prints for a discounted price of £12.50 + p&p

After 7 days, the images will be removed from the computer, archived and our 10x8 mounted prints will return to the standard reprint price of £19.99 + p&p