CD Selection

The original high resolution image files are burnt to our printed CD, placed securely in one of our presentation DVD cases, and posted to you in a padded envelope.

Use this option if you don't want to take all of your pictures from the event. Simply scroll through your folder until the desired image appears enlarged in the middle of the page and the shopping cart is visible to the right of the picture. Click on the "ADD" button next to the "CD - This Image" and it will be added to your cart. Keep scrolling through doing the same with each image that you want until you have all the images that you need. When you checkout, we will be emailed a list of images to add to your disc, and the process is underway.

Order within 7 days of upload (whilst the pictures are still "live" on our computer) and we can offer you your Selection CD for a discounted price of £10 for its production and £3 for each image that you add to it + p&p

After 7 days, the images will be removed from the computer, archived and your Selection CD will return to the standard price of £15 for its production and £4 for each image that you add to it + p&p

Your CD must follow the following criteria.

The CD production / Administration fee covers the time involved in readying each disc from each event. Where additional pictures are requested to be added to the disc, the fee charged at the point of sale is for the time involved in finding and readying those images. If you request images that are not of the you or your vehicle to be added to the disc, the website is unaware of whether you are adding someone else or not, so at our discretion, you may still be charged for the time taken searching and inspecting them, but they may not appear on your disc. To avoid disappointment, please be aware of this and make sure that all orders are placed within our terms