CD All of your images from consecutive events

This option allows you to have all of the pictures that we took of you over a couple of days at the same event for a heavily discounted rate. All of your original high resolution image files are burnt to our printed CD / DVD, placed securely in one of our presentation DVD cases, and posted to you in a padded envelope.

The procedure is the same as purchasing a “CD All” but when we upload the images, we link events on the database. When you add a “CD All” disc, (instructions below) the website will give you a popup which gives you the option to add the second and third days. It takes you to the linked event, you just have to go to your second folder and click the “ADD” button next to the “CD” listing and the pictures will be added at a discounted rate.

If we have put your pictures into individual folders already, just go into your folder and when you see the “CD – All your images (this event)” click the “ADD” button and your entire folder is logged, and we will burn them all for you. If a “Paddock” folder was created for that event, it will be added to your disc at this point free of charge.

If you are looking through an unsorted folder, for example if you didn’t get time to see us at the event, or we can’t identify all the participants, you can still take advantage of this special offer, but you will need to hit the “ADD” button next to the “CD –This image” for each image of yourself. Once you get to the value of a “CD All” disc, the rest of your images we be added free of charge and any “Paddock” folder will also be added free of charge.

The link should appear after the first day’s pictures had been added to the cart.

Order within 7 days of upload (whilst the pictures are still “live” on our computer) and we can offer you your linked “CD All” with for a discounted price. The price will vary depending on a number of factors, including the number of days, location, type of event, but will typically be £55 + p&p for a two day UK event.

After 7 days, the images will be removed from the computer, archived and your Selection CD will return to the standard price of around £65 + p&p for a 2 day UK event.