The service provided at each event may vary slightly depending on the organiser's needs and requests, but is based around the ability to show the customers their pictures quickly and efficiently prior to ordering. CD's of high resolution images will be available to take away from virtually every event, and prints will be available on the day at some events. Where prints aren't available to take away on the day (normally due to travel restrictions on the size & weight of the equipment & stock) you will still be able to view and order the pictures for delivery after the event. During peak periods, some events will be shot for the internet only, where the images will only be available online after the event, however, this is very rare.

Pricing of discs and prints can vary slightly at the event depending on a number of external factors. Sometimes the event organiser subsidises the service, other times we are charged to be at the event, or maybe have additional European travel costs and currency conversion to factor into the service. If the event organizer has subsidised the service, or any special offers are offered at the event, please take advantage of them on the day, as they can't be repeated after the event.

Where prints are available on the day, they are printed on high-resolution Dye sublimation printers in about ninety seconds each. They come mounted in a freestanding brown or black, slip in folder.

Orders that can't be fulfilled at the event will be dispatched at our earliest opportunity. This will depend on the type of products that you have ordered and our workload at the time of ordering. Posters and canvases are always printed in a pro lab, and normally dispatched to you within 7-10 days.

There will be times (especially during the busy summer season) were we spend extended periods away from the office covering events. During this time, delivery of prints may take a little longer, so if you have a specific deadline in mind, please let us know at the time of ordering to make sure that we can accommodate your needs.